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DiskFerret will help you quickly find out where your disk space is being used. Sure, you could figure it out using Windows Explorer, or by issuing commands from the Command Prompt, but DiskFerret will save you a lot of time. Over the years, disk space has become fairly inexpensive, but programs and data files are expanding just as fast as the price drops on drive space. No matter how much space is available it eventually gets used up, slows your system down, and you get cramped for space. One way to attack the problem is the same technique you would use to try to trim your budget. Look at the largest items 1st to determine if they can be trimmed back because they offer the best opportunity for the largest savings.
DiskFerret helps you with this task by analyzing the files on your disk drive and shows you:
the largest folders
the space used by the largest files
the space used by duplicate files
the space used by each file owner
the space used by file type (e.g., video, audio)
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