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CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra (PC) Free Activation Code – Full Version


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CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra (PC) Free Activation Code – Full Version


CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra, a photo management software excels in both organizing and editing. Not only can you sift through thousands of photos and easily find the one you need, but you can also correct and transform your photos with its large number of editing tools.

While the software’s capabilities may seem intimidating to beginners, it maintains its usability and offers a variety of helpful resources. CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra is a competitively priced alternative to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that will appeal to home enthusiasts looking for a decent blend of powerful features and usability.

CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra’s most significant feature is the layer editor, a powerful tool which opens a whole new world of creative possibilities. New Beautifier Tools like the Face Shaper, Eye Bag Remover, Eye Enlarger and Skin Shine Remover help you produce the perfect portrait.
There are smart new blur tools to create localized blurred regions, apply zoom or motion effects – with radial or focal zoom – as well as new Bokeh blur options. Enhanced RAW support means the program can handle more file formats than ever, and 100+ lens profiles allow it to automatically fix a host of common lens flaws.


Key Features of CyberLink PhotoDirector 7 Ultra:
•    Layer Editing – Layer Based Editing
•    Advanced Editing
•    Content-Aware Removal
•    2D Panorama
•    Bracketed HDR
•    Face Swap
•    Grain Effect
•    Blur Tools
•    One-click Photo Presets
•    Background Removal & Photo Composer
•    Face & Body Beautification
•    Skin Smoother
•    Toothbrush
•    Eye Blinger
•    Wrinkle Removal
•    Skin Tone Adjustment
•    Face Shaper
•    Eye Bag Removal
•    Shine Removal
•    Eye Enlarger
•    Body Shaper
•    Global Adjustment Tools
•    White Balance
•    Tone
•    HDR Effects
•    RGB Channel Adjustments
•    Color Adjustment (HSL)
•    Split Toning
•    Sharpness
•    Noise Reduction
•    Auto Lens Correction
•    Extensive Adjustment Presets
•    DirectorZone.com Presets
•    Regional Adjustment Tools
•    Crop & Rotate
•    Spot Removal
•    Red Eye Removal
•    Adjustment Brush
•    Adjustment Selection Tool
•    Gradient Mask
•    Radial Filter
•    Personalized Publishing
•    Advanced Print Presets
•    Comprehensive Frame and Watermark Tools
•    Video Slideshows with Effects and Background Music
•    Color Space – Export to sRGB, Adobe RGB & ProPhoto RGB
•    Efficient & Intuitive Workflow
•    64-bit OS Support with OpenCL Technology
•    Editable EXIF timestamp
•    Face Recognition Technology
•    Manage Photos with Photo Stack

•    RAW Format Support

•    High DPI Support
•    Rich 16-bit Image Support
•    Add Color tags, Star Rating, Flags and Copyrights
•    Multiple Models to Compare Images
•    Dual Monitor Support


Giveaway page:  https://ie-projects.net/photodirector7/register/


download Cyberlink Photo Director 7 ULTRA using Photo Director Downloader:

Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/FX3IGNP3/CyberLink_PhotoDirector_Downloader.exe_links


•     Visit the Giveaway page:  https://ie-projects.net/photodirector7/register/ 
•    Enter your details include your email. For address, enter a random address
•    Don't forget to enter the human verification code
•    Also, check Ich habe die..... then Click on Submit button
•    You will receive a confirmation email and click the confirmation link in the email to get the activation code
•    You will receive an email that containing your activation code
•    Download the installation file. Install it then use the activation code
•    Install it then use the activation code to activate the software full version

Version allows for FREE Updates
Upgrades at a nominal fee.

If you would be satisfied with Cyberlink PhotoDirector 7 (not Ultra version) then:

Giveaway page :  https://www.cyberlink.com/stat/edms/Giveaway/GOTD/PHD7/index.jsp

- Fill in name and email and submit - the landing page will be :  https://www.cyberlink.com/stat/edms/Giveaway/GOTD/PHD7/download.jsp 

-Download the product from:  https://www.cyberlink.com/stat/edms/Giveaway/GOTD/PHD7/download.jsp

-You will receive a copy of download link and license key in your inbox.

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