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School's sign welcoming their new students has a spelling mistake


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Parents in a certain Georgia community might now be a little nervous for back-to-school season. On Monday morning, East Paulding Middle School's sign welcomed the return of students with one glaring error: "We Are Glad You Are Hear."


After area resident Michael Graham drove past the sign, he snapped a photo and shared it on local News Radio 106.7's Facebook page. It's since been passed around across the nation, and it's serving as the ultimate lesson in proofreading . . . and that spellcheck can't always save you.


Hear, hear!


Article: https://www.popsugar.com/moms/School-Sign-Has-Embarrassing-Misspelling-38048417


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2 hours ago, CODYQX4 said:

Marxist indoctrination and White guilt are much higher priorities in the US education than actual learning.


Or, possibly, it's just a typo.

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1 hour ago, CODYQX4 said:

It just shows how low the quality has sunk if they couldn't catch this.

The U.S. Education has 'gone down the hill"; especially the Public one.

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For normal communication, they rely on technology for correct spelling and word usage.  In this instance, the sign was "old school" so they had to rely on their brain.  As a result, they got it wrong.

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