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Windows 10 Insiders: Microsoft won't tell you about known bugs anymore


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Microsoft has decided Windows Insiders don't need to know about the bugs it's aware of.


But until now, Microsoft has published a list of known issues in these builds, which explains to Insiders specific problems, what they affect, their impact, and any workarounds.

But from now on, Microsoft won't be providing this information as it focuses on stabilizing the Fall Creators Update for general release.

As Thurrott.com's Rafael Rivera noted, this change could be a problem for Insiders if, say, a known issue in a build could result in data loss. That wouldn't be good if it affected a large proportion of Microsoft's 10 million Insiders.

But according to Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc, that scenario isn't likely because Microsoft wouldn't flight the build if it knew a drastic bug would impact lots of Insiders.

"In determining to flight or not flight, we look at impact. If it's super nasty, we don't flight," wrote LeBlanc in an exchange on Twitter.

Microsoft isn't killing off its list of known bugs forever, but for now it's not even tracking them. That's partly because it's releasing builds to the Fast and Slow rings in quicker succession as it closes in on the Fall Creators Update general release.


However, LeBlanc explained that Microsoft will be more judicious about what known issues it will highlight to Insiders in versions of Windows after the Fall Creators Update, codenamed Redstone 3.

For Redstone 4 preview builds, it will only list a known issue if it has a high impact and affects a large number of Insiders. If it doesn't meet that threshold, it won't tell Insiders about the problem.



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" it won't tell Insiders about the problem. " ..............a very good reason to stop with the Insider-crap ! :rolleyes:

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Whatever dude. You don't know about all the issues with your current OS and I'm sure there are many no matter what you're running.. you come across any? Probably not.
And with the speed these are pushed out it'll likely be resolved in a short time, if you update and it's still there and you haven't submitted it then do so.. hardly a deal breaker.
As it was said, major issues with builds won't roll. Give it a break with the MS hate, they know WTF they're doing.

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