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Saola Animate is an HTML5 animation creation tool that is useful, intuitive, and user-friendly. It is definitely the ultimate solution to rely on, even when you are a novice or an expert.


Saola Animate offers a rich visual editor that keeps the code in the background. Stunning animations are within your reach without having to be so skillful at the so-called IT stuff. You can visually see your work also lets you timely “feel” your animation and better it as needed


Saola Animate’s keyframe-based animation system can help create animations more easily than ever. Keyframes play the role of the indicator as they indicate the starting and ending value of a property. So, to animate a property, simply add two keyframes that define two property values at different points of time.


This is surely a piece of cake, even if you do it manually or automatically – with the support of the Auto-Keyframe Mode. This mode is a good time-saver since it allows automatically generating keyframes when creating animations.


Simple-to-Advanced Interactivity

Saola Animate lets you make any item interactive, with touch support available. It offers the Event Handlers with a wide variety of built-in events and actions. All you need to do is to select the event you want and choose the actions linked to it. Then, preview your work to test the interactivity, and everything’s done so quickly and easily.

While you’re likely to satisfy with the built-in events and actions, chances are you might need more complex interactivity. In that case, write your own JavaScript function with the support of the JavaScript editor. The editor comes with a list of JavaScript APIs and many helpful features such as auto suggestion, code folding, etc.


Flexible Layout

With Saola Animate, it’s workable to design interactive animated content that looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. Thanks to flexible layout, Saola Animate animations can respond well each time the browser windows change size. You can make the document/element size scalable to different browser windows size. At the same time, you can also pin an element to edges of the scene to control how it adapts to the size changes.


And what’s more?

Scene: Scenes split up separate animations, most helpful when you have different sets of elements. Use interactivity to call a certain scene to play, thus controlling the flow of your animation.

Multiple Timelines: Each scene can have multiple timelines to satisfy a large number of elements, animations, and interactivity. Use interactivity to control timeline playback to create rich and interactive animations.


Sprite Sheet: A sprite sheet is a sequence of various images arranged in a single larger image. Generate sprite sheets simply in a matter of clicks to create looping animations.

Motion Path: Create linear movements with the X/Y Motion mode, or switch to Motion Paths and create more complex curves.


Easing: Easing specifies the speed at which a transition progresses over time, making it closer to reality. Up to 40 easing methods are at hand to make your animation more stunning and natural.


Shape & SVG: A large variety of preset shapes is at your fingertips. Importing SVG is also supported to allow reusing vector graphics design in your animation.

Symbol: Symbols are small animations nested within larger animations. Use symbols to share identical elements, scenes, etc., across scenes or at different positions in the same scene. Symbols are also handy to better control interactivity in a document.


Saola Animate comes up with a quick and simple way of building rich and interactive HTML5 web content. Whether you’re keen on coding or not, Saola Animate can always meet all your wants.


Terms and Conditions
This is a 1-computer lifetime, for commercial or noncommercial use
You get free updates for the same major version
You get free community-based tech support
You must redeem the license key before this offer has ended
May not be resold

Technical Details
Developed by AtomiSystems
Version is v1.0.2
Download size is 66.3 MB
Supports Windows 7, 8/8.1, an 10 (64-bit)



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opss unhappy its a trialware:



You are currently in Trial plan
Trial days left: 30
Saola Animate Download
Site: https://atomisystems.com
Sharecode[?]: /saola-animate
Version: 1.0.2
Released Date: 2017.08.10
Site: https://cdn.atomisystems.com
Sharecode[?]: /apdownloads/saola/manual/Saola-Animate1-UserManual.pdf



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Hi Tarekma7, thanks for attention.

Its exact what I did


SHA-1: 7125E48DD9699D39222F759FAA86862554E1CED5

2,25 MB

installed and get trial

Others shareonsale offers enable a license how these


Single user license


But not these, or I'm wrong?


BTW see the these topic forum:





==========EDIT 1=====================


another USER form ShareonSale Forum share these code user:




if anyone need try it.


I tried the ATOMI support but no reply untill now





==========EDIT 2=====================

Anyway there is something very weird in this software using the shareonsale license:
You must be using the application itself LOGGED using your free account to get the full license!
If you do not log in to your free account provided by ATOMI the software reverts the license for 15 days of use ...
Who risks this?




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Hi tiger1 try these:


On 8/22/2017 at 0:52 PM, Tiburcio said:

==========EDIT 1=====================


another USER form ShareonSale Forum share these code user:




if anyone need try it.


I tried the ATOMI support but no reply untill now








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