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LastPass jacks up premium pricing, removes Free features


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LastPass announced yesterday that it decided to make changes to the company's personal lineup of password managing services. The company has offered a free and premium version of the password manager up until now, and that won't change with the update. It announced recently that it will introduce a third option, LastPass Families, to complement the two products.

LastPass Families includes six LastPass Premium licenses, a new family dashboard for managing all accounts, and group and share functionality.  Probably the biggest change for existing LastPass Premium users is the increase of the yearly price to $24. LastPass Premium was available for $12 up until now which means that the price doubled both for new and existing customers.

 LastPass Premium is now available for $24 per year and includes all the features in Free, plus emergency access, the ability to share single passwords and items with multiple people, priority tech support, advanced multi-factor authentication, LastPass for applications, and 1GB of encrypted file storage.

 Please note, existing Premium customers will maintain all previous sharing capabilities via their one shared folder.


This makes the pricing of LastPass Families more attractive, considering that you get six LastPass Premium licenses for $48. Obviously, that is only an option if you need at least two, better three or more of the licenses. Considering that LastPass Premium is good for all the devices you use yourself, it only makes sense in a family or group context.

LastPass Premium users won't notice any changes besides the price hike. All existing features remain as they are right now.

The same cannot be said for free LastPass users. The two features unlimited sharing and emergency access are no longer part of LastPass Free. Existing Free users who have set up an emergency contact already will continue to have access to the feature while new users and those who have not configured an emergency contact before won't.

Unlimited sharing is no longer a part of LastPass Free, as free users are limited to sharing one item with one other individual from now on.


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1 hour ago, silencer said:

Switched to KeePass.

Heh, me too since a couple years ago. Hands down the best (subjectively) password manager i've ever tried.

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I have never used anything but keepass.  Lastpass has had too many problems with exposing user data over the last few years due to flaws in the code.  I have always trusted keepass because our tests have always shown it as being secure if instructions are followed and master password isn't a simple one.

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