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Download Free PC Games from these Working Free Sites after the Shutdown of Torrent


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9d9d70_18a7e69675ed46a989a9faea7f062dc4_Since the torrents have been shut down on the internet, it looks like life has been stopped and there is nothing to surf on the internet for many.
As the free sources are gone totally with no purpose, and the game lovers or the gamers who loved those sides from where they can download the best games in the form of torrent files or ios files are just sitting for none.

This is probably bad and not a good news, but what if I tell you that there are still some sites which are running in a secret corner on the of the internet. This is true, there are still some sites which are proving that stuff torrents filed games, high graphic gaming experience, and even VR games as well.

So let's open it Up...
Links are in a batch file, run it to know the sites.
One thing to remember before using these sites, use Tor Browser for a better surf, so lets Dive in.

Site: http://www.mediafire.com
Sharecode[?]: /file/b8mf9kc56s8j3sz/gms.bat






No.1>RG Mechanics
One the best sites for the Patched Game Files and to download the latest games on your Computer for free. 
I personally love this, as I use it so much myself to download the best games and it always works for me.


A site which is killing this line from years, as this provides SP and even MP supported games, like GTA 5 MP & SP, COD any part, Battlefield, NFS, Forza, Counter Strike and more.
I use it rarely, but it is really effective and you can get almost any game on this site for PC.


No.3> PC Games Repack
The best site which I have seen and used after the Shutdown of the Kickass or kat to Download the games, as it is very easy to understand and a small kid can also use it easily to download any game.
Just go to the site>search your favorite game> and Download it.


So these are the some of the sites which you can use to find the games to download for yourself, which is free and easy to access, but remember if you are in the USA or in a country like that where police track your Surf, then I prefer to use Tor for security reason.
It is not a Crime to Download Free Games, but it does not come under the Laws as well.
I am not promoting any kind of criminal offense, but just trying to provide some free help to others.

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A batch file to share websites ???

Plus the list is shitty, no offense but better use Fitgirl repacks and warez-bb. A simple google lookup will give you the addresses...

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The part I always enjoy the most is "the content I show here is only for education purposes".  As if that is going to protect them from prosecution. Obviously they aren't lawyers (or intelligent as far as that goes.)  But if they print it on a blanket it might keep them warm at night.  Idiots that put that on their websites are just asking to be reported to the proper authorities.


11 minutes ago, Israeli_Eagle said:

The easiest way (incl. torrents): https://skidrowgamesreloaded.com/


That is always the 'go to' place.  Too many malicious websites around, stick with the known.

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