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These 10 US states have the highest rate of malware infections in the country


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New Hampshire, Colorado and Virginia Top the List of States with Highest Malware Rates So Far in 2017

USA 50 states highest malware rates esgComputer users in New Hampshire were three times as likely to get a malware infection on their computers compared to the rest of the country. That's according to data released today by Enigma Software Group (ESG), makers of the SpyHunter anti-malware program.


The ESG research team compiled their latest data based on more than 1.5 million infections detected on SpyHunter in all 50 states in the first six months of 2017. Surprisingly to some, it turns out that the infection rate in New Hampshire was 201% higher than the average infection rate for all 50 states. Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, and Oregon were the next highest states.


"It's hard to tell exactly why some states have higher infection rates than others," said ESG spokesperson Ryan Gerding. "In the top five alone, you've got east coast and west coast states, highly populated states and sparsely populated ones. Regardless of where you live, it's always important to stay vigilant for infections all the time."


Infections can come in many forms. Some may be adware, which forces massive amounts of popup advertising to appear on your computer. Some may be rogue anti-spyware programs, which look like legitimate programs that promise to remove infections, but in reality are just taking your money without doing anything.


Many people have seen headlines about ransomware, which can lock important files and hold them hostage unless a ransom is paid. However, the vast majority of files detected can be considered nuisance-ware. Those are potentially unwanted programs that change browser settings, switch your default search engine, install unwanted toolbars, and slow down performance.


Other key findings from the ESG's mid-year infection analysis include:

  • Overall infections have actually dropped on a monthly basis since January 2017. In June 2017, infections in the US were down 31% over infections in January. The experts at ESG believe that's due in part to users updating to more secure versions of their Windows operating system.
  • On a city by city basis, Orlando, Denver, and St. Louis had the highest infection rates compared to other major cities in the U.S.
  • Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi had the lowest infection rates in the first half of 2017.

ESG offers the following tips to keep computers protected from all kinds of malware.

  • Regularly backup your data. Ideally, you would use a physical back up (external hard drive connected to your computer) and a cloud backup. By backing up your hard drive, what whatever happens to your computer, you know your data is safe.
  • Install a trusted malware removal software like SpyHunter, and set it to perform scans and updates automatically.
  • Set your operating system to update automatically and regularly. It's tempting to click the button to 'update later' when a notification pops up. Still, it's always better to update your software as soon as possible.
  • Think about that link. Be very wary of links sent to you in emails and social media messages. Crooks are getting much better at creating bogus messages that look like something legitimate (messages from friends, emails from retailers), but, actually, have malicious intent.

Below is the full ranking of all 50 states and how much their infection rate differed from the national average in the first six months of 2017.

  • New Hampshire 201% higher than the national average
  • Colorado 143% higher than the national average
  • Virginia 80% higher than the national average
  • New Jersey 64% higher
  • Oregon 25% higher
  • New York 24% higher
  • Montana 24% higher
  • Missouri 23% higher
  • Arizona 18% higher
  • Maine 17% higher
  • Wyoming 17% higher
  • Arkansas 17% higher
  • Wisconsin 14% higher
  • Massachusetts 11% higher
  • Georgia 10% higher
  • North Dakota 8% higher
  • Nevada 6% higher
  • Nebraska 5% higher
  • Rhode Island 5% higher
  • Florida 3% higher
  • South Dakota 3% higher
  • Vermont 2% higher
  • Washington 1% lower than the national average
  • Iowa 1% lower than the national average
  • Kansas 2% lower
  • Ohio 3% lower
  • Idaho 3% lower
  • Pennsylvania 5% lower
  • South Carolina 5% lower
  • Illinois 6% lower
  • Maryland 6% lower
  • New Mexico 7% lower
  • Texas 9% lower
  • North Carolina 10% lower
  • Alaska 10% lower
  • Utah 16% lower
  • Michigan 18% lower
  • Kentucky 20% lower
  • Louisiana 20% lower
  • Oklahoma 21% lower
  • West Virginia 24% lower
  • Minnesota 27% lower
  • Hawaii 30% lower
  • California 30% lower
  • Connecticut 31% lower
  • Delaware 32% lower
  • Indiana 35% lower
  • Tennessee 47% lower
  • Alabama 50% lower
  • Mississippi 53% lower
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    This dont mean malware is higher or lower in certain states it just means more people most likely use different anti-malware programs altogether in other states.Most likey were they got the highest malware cases are were they have the most users per state. in fact i  never even tried SpyHunter before I heard it was a crap program .  Also a lot anti-malware call false positives malware ..  They flag keygens and patches as PUP. One program can't determine this when there's 100s of programs in use. Maybe if  were some program like windows defender  or Avast  were have the most users of all of these products it would be more accurate but a program no one hardly uses come on lol.


    Systematic got sued  for scareware for making a product kind of like SpyHunter called Spyware Doctor were scans and wants you too pay too remove infections . The person who sued lost the case in court but in reality he won because they closed down PCTools soon after. Never trust a program that wants money too remove malware, ether they offer a full trial were you can remove it or they have a free version for on demand that let you remove it. Too much free anti-malware out there for people to buy scams like these.


    I been around too long too buy into a company's  PR like EnigmaSoftware. When i seen whole outfits fold in the past for making scareware like they do. Systematic was smart they didn't want there name dragged in the mud any more when they got caught at making scareware under the PCTools name so they quit making it.


    But EnigmaSoftware don't care even though they have a bad rep for having a crap product .Someone would have too  sue them for everything they got and win before they would stop making this scam software. (Rougeware )


    Me and many others that were around the scene use too  be gullible enough too use scareware like Spyware Doctor , Registry Mechanic. Etc because we had working cracks and I paid for it too, always Spyware Doctor BSOD me because it never played nice with Kaspersky and Registry Cleaners were  botching my windows. So I  cleaned installed windows once about every 30days, This was when I was a crack pusher and no I'm not talking about drugs I'm talking about software cracks witch uploading and downloading and installing everything you see is a addiction as well. I retired from pushing cracks in 2011 and only test stuff i use now and my systems love me for it. :P

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    5 hours ago, Batu69 said:

    New Hampshire 201% higher than the national average.

    Go, go Granite Stater :win:


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    LOL  Do you see  Spyhunter  on this list  of most used products ?














    The USA  somewhere around 30% of PCs are infected with malware just like it's been sine 2012..




    List of Countries which are most vulnerable to Cyber Attacks March 22, 2017



    So, here’s the list of those countries with lowest malware infection rates in computers

    Finland- 20.65%
    United Kingdom-23.38%



    Now the list of those with highest malware infection rates in computers




    List of countries where most users were attacked by Ransomware

    Russian Federation-6.41%
    United States-1.41%



    The United States stands as the top country which was hit by notorious traffic related to web applications. The percentage is 66% followed by Brazil & Germany with 5% and the United Kingdom at 3%.



    Now, the list of countries from which highest percentage of Global Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) originated

    United States-21.59%
    United Kingdom-16.17%


    The list of countries which were most hit by Cyber Espionage

    United States-54%
    South Korea-6%
    Columbia, Ukraine-2%
    Vietnam, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Phillippnes-1%


    Now the list of top 10 countries that are the best prepared for Cyber Attacks

    United States
    New Zealand


    And the ones which are well prepared are as follows

    South Korea
    The Central African Republic


    The countries which are most vulnerable to cyber attacks are

    Dominican republic
    Hong Kong
    South Africa and


    And CompariTech has also prepared a list of countries which have the average cost of cyber crime in the world

    United States-$17.36 million
    Germany-$7.84 million
    United Kingdom-$7.21 million
    Australia-$4.3 million


    NOTE- The stats were prepared by CompariTech based on the resources such as telegraph.co.uk, freedomhouse.org, and statista.com







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