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How do you organize your mp3s?


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So I just got a mp3 player...a Creative Zen Micro...and am finding it frustrating to use because it uses the ID tags, but most of my music has either innacurate tags or they're missing.

Does anyone have a good method for organizing and cataloguing their mp3s? Whats the best program for updating ID tags? I've been trying Mp3Tag but it never gets any results from freedb for my lesser-known bands.

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Use TagScanner ( http://xdev.narod.ru/tagscan_e.htm ) to do your tags. Can do multiples very fast, Takes me a few minutes for thousands of songs although I only need to do about 50-60 at at time now as they've never needed done again.

I'll PM you how I sort mine out at some point as it's long winded.

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Guest TheReturnOfGir489

I have a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3.

I use the player thing that came with it, and it's quite fast. You can select multiple songs, and set the artist, and stuff. :P

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Good stuff, thanks for the feedback.

And thanks Samurai, if you get around to PMing me I'd be grateful.

I already use Winamp for when I want to edit individual songs, but found it tedious for editing multiple songs.

I'll give tagscanner a try. Mp3tag is a good program I guess, but wouldn't return results for about 50% of my songs. I couldn't just give it the artist and have it look up the album and song titles. You have to give it 90% of the information for it to find an accurate result online, which is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of having it automatically update your tags.

I hate the software that came with the Micro. It's so bloated and not very user-friendly.

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