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One of the most dangerous jobs out there


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47 minutes ago, Carolus said:

You kill tree's, you be the next !

Not really true  as some of my  family use to cut trees for a living and none of them died  from it , some of them got hurt doing it but that will happen in almost any job  that has too with machines  and stuff if you do it long enough .  Tree vs food i pick too eat and the tree must die !


And it;s not one the most Dangerous Jobs In The World . It is the most Dangerous Job In The World..


When doing this type work  it just depends on who sells the rights  too cut the trees too you , Do they need you cut them down so they can build on  there land or do they need the money from the job . If they just needed the money from the job and wanted my family to plant trees back when they was done they would . Trees can always grow back . 


If you never cut trees  down sooner or latter mother nature will have a thunder storm and other natural disasters  and start a forest fire or something else and burn them down or knock them down anyways. 


Most Green Peace people sit back in a fine home that was made with wood and brick in a plot of land were the trees were cleared and go out and protest about poor people making a living off the land they should all be shipped out too the rain forest and made too live there if they loves the trees so much. The Native American Indian worshiped the land but still took and killed what they needed to live.     :)

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5 hours ago, Batu69 said:

I don't know much about "wood cutting" except what I've seen in documentaries on TV, but looks that in this case, obviously this tree was not "sane" and it broke up in an unexpected way. Most probably the wood would be unappropiate for any industrial use. Also the way this fellow is sawing it, looks obviously an unsafe procedure.



5 hours ago, Carolus said:

You kill tree's, you be the next !


Wood is a "renewable resource" if people use it in a reasonable way.  Also, in many cases, mostly in urban areas, you MUST remove old trees using controlled procedures before they are knocked down or collapse by some natural event (wind, quake or simply, because thay are to weak) and might cause severe damage to properties and people.

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1 hour ago, saeed_dc said:

Why the tree exploded xD

Old tree and rot inside, I think :blink:

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