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[Change log]
- Add support to reboot Android
- Add support to maximum resolution 4096*4096
- Add support to save multiple key mappings for each game
- Add support to export file and apk from Android to Windows
- Add support to compress disk and create desktop shortcut in Multi-MEmu
- Add support to hardware-assisted decoding for video recorder
- Improve key mapping for MOBA game, like aim, cancel, adjust range, etc.
- Improve graphic quality of Netmarble Lineage2
- Improve graphic memory recycling 
- Improve input method for multiple languages
- Fix some tiny bugs



md5: 867c647bdd5bb5bafea3e1c15dff0e98


The download link is from official dev himself, he posted it on memu facebook grup. Link from memu website might be updated soon.

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