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[Frontpaged] Mp3tag 2.83c Beta


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Mp3tag 2.83c Beta
Download - http://download.mp3tag.de/mp3tagv283csetup.exe



Changes in 2.83c:

  • NEW: added web sources framework functions to check if output contains content via 'ifoutput' and 'ifnotoutput'.
  • CHG: cue sheet handling is now fully transparent and doesn't require artificially indexed filenames anymore.
  • CHG: modified dialog for adding cover-art from files to raise warning message if file doesn't exist.
  • CHG: extended Discogs tag source with fallback detection of secondary images if no primary image exists. (#22475)
  • CHG: added check to Discogs tag source if query gave any results which results in correct error message.
  • LNG: updated Slovak language file.




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