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What Happens When Politicians Try to Help Us


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There have been multiple articles on this subject recently that pertain to research done by the University of Washington after Seattle passed the $15 an hour minimum wage law.  The end result is that the low income people that this law was supposed to help has actually hurt them.  The average family is taking home $125 less a month because the businesses reduced their hours.  Additionally their have been 5,000 entry level jobs eliminated.  Seattle is bragging about the income levels rising and jobs but that is only for the upper class.  What they have done is create an even larger gap between the top and the bottom of the income chart.


And that is what happens when politicians try to 'help' us.



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17 hours ago, CODYQX4 said:

They would deport all non-citizens,

use their might to reverse globalization and outsourcing,

train their own people and encourage them to have kids

instead of bringing in 3rd world trash to keep population numbers increasing.

Exactly! :yes:

Politicians are just promoters of the New World Order. Corrupted to the bone!

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