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Opera 48 Hits Dev Channel Built on Chromium 60, Supports Converting of Fractions


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Opera 48.0.2636.0 developer released


After unleashing Opera 46 last week as the new stable and most advanced version of the popular web browser, Opera Software today promoted Opera 48 to the developer channel.


Earlier today, the Opera 48.0.2636.0 build replaced last week's Opera 47.0.2628.0 developer update in the Dev channel, adding various small enhancements and numerous bug fixes. Among the new improvements, we can mention that the unit converted of the search pop-up tool now supports converting of fractions.


"The unit converter can now recognise an array of Unicode subscript and superscript forms, such ½ ft, 1⁄4 mi or even ³⁄₄₇ gal. You will notice, too, that imperial volume labels, such as gal (gallons) or mpg (miles per gallon), are now visible," says Maciej Kocemba in today's release announcement.


Now based on Chromium 60.0.3112.20

Besides expanding the unit converter, today’s first Opera 48 developer build also improves the visibility of dark icons in both the Bookmark and Extensions bars, sharpens the toolbar icons on the Windows build, and adds other stability issues. Under the hood, Opera 48.0.2636.0 is based on Chromium 60.0.3112.20.


Opera 48.0.2636.0 is available for download for GNU/Linux (DEB and RPM) distros, Microsoft Windows (installer and portable versions) and macOS operating systems from our website. If you decide to install it, please note that it's a pre-release version of Alpha quality so don't use it for production work.


In the meantime, Opera Software prepares for the promotion of the Opera 47 web browser to the Beta channel, which remains empty since the release of Opera 46 last week. You can check out the full changelog of the Opera 48.0.2636.0 developer release below if you're curious to know what exactly was changed in this build.





DNA-59806 Synchronise ThemeService data
DNA-60647 Introduce custom Avro handling code
DNA-60727 [Linux] Crash when ‘Show certificate’ button is clicked
DNA-61155 Autoupdate package differs from full package content
DNA-61275 Crash at opera::SurfEasyApiCallerImpl::OnURLFetchComplete(net::URLFetcher const*)
DNA-61322 Implement static Speed Dial with Toolkit
DNA-61434 Crash at opera::installer::Wininet::InternetStatusCallback(void*, unsigned long, unsigned long, void*, unsigned long)
DNA-61634 [Win] Update toolbar icons to pixel-perfect version
DNA-61682 [Mac] Remove popup for “G” icon in address bar
DNA-61751 dark theme contrasting icon on bookmarks bar
DNA-61822 [Win] Opera hangs on bookmarks bar folders/items move
DNA-61825 contrasting favicons on extension bar
DNA-61854 contrasting favicons on toolbar
DNA-61887 UI fixes for feedback dialog
DNA-61900 Use-after-free in MenuController
DNA-61958 [Startpage] Remove scrollbar’s style detection
DNA-61967 Create a single Bookmarks API providing all the necessary data
DNA-61993 Support unicode fractions in unit converter
DNA-61997 Tab menu accessibility not working correctly after CHR-6220
DNA-62003 Change Nm unit to be displayed as N·m or N m
DNA-62004 Imperial volume units are ambiguous – make them display US
DNA-62007 Compilation error in opera_browser_main_parts.cc
DNA-62008 Use different directory for new startpage and private tab
DNA-62010 contrasting favicons in bookmarks bar, extensions sidebar and toolbar on MAC
DNA-62013 Fixups to custom avro handling code
DNA-62022 Bump version to 48 on master
DNA-62044 [Mac 10.9] Traffic lights buttons not visible in popup windows when dark theme is enabled.
DNA-62049 [Windows] Error during compilation
DNA-62051 Remove non-reborn resources for mac
DNA-62053 Add time converter for time zones currently parsed by chromium.
DNA-62054 [Mac] Do not use contrasting (fav)icons algorithm for favicons shown in “more bookmarks” popup menu.
DNA-62062 [Mac] Do not use contrasting (fav)icons algorithm for toolbar icons shown in “more extensions” popup menu.




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