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Criticism of the linkage of robbery and terrorism


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Time and again, product piracy and robbery are associated with organized crime - some rights holders and politicians do not even shrink from the "terrorism" counter word. Julia Reda, Europe's deputy, considers this to be inappropriate.

At the second EUIPO, the European Parliament, Julia Reda warned of the "securitization" of the debate on intellectual property. More and more, a link between robbery and terrorism financing is suggested, but for which she has not yet seen a robust study, said Reda on Friday in Berlin.

Earlier, Justice Minister Maas had said that the fight against the violation of intellectual property would require a similar effort to international cooperation, such as the fight against terrorism and peace.
5 per cent of all imports are counterfeits

EUIPO presented figures on the percentage of counterfeit products on the European market at the International IP Enforcement Summit. According to this, 5 per cent of all imported goods are counterfeits. Legislators would have to deal with this "dark side" if they wanted to harvest the fruits of a "clean globalization", said Rolf Alter of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

OECD and EUIPO presented a new study on the "Real Routes of Trade in Fake Goods" at the conference, identifying Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore as hubs for counterfeit goods. They were dealing with highly organized people. "They should also be treated as organized crime," said Paul Maier, director of the "Observatory for Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights" established by the EU at the EUIPO.
Patent law, trademark law and copyright law

Consumer protectionists, on the other hand, strongly warned against throwing patent, trademark and copyright claims together. Agustin Reyna of the European Consumers' Association (BEUC), that there is no risk to users, for example, of fake medicines. Even in the case of the latter, the imitation is not automatically a risk, but rather the production process. Especially in the field of medicines, rights owners do not always have the morals on their side, explained Reda. Rather, the prevention of generic drugs in some countries had catastrophic effects on the health of the population.

Reyna, Reda and the head of the European Digital Rights (EDRI), Joe McNamee, strongly criticized the attempt to unravel the EU's copyright directives. In particular, the use of platform providers during deletion violates the ecommerce directive. The current Commission proposal was half the copyright and semi-enforcement directives, said McNamee.
Equality of copyright and user rights

Reda called for a simplification of the rules and an equal recognition of copyright and user rights. The complaint, often expressed by the industry, about problems with the enforcement of copyright rights, made it clear that only this incomplete implementation would have made possible any stricter rules. "If the directive were implemented perfectly, the communication would break down and we would all stand before a judge."

In the coming week, several committees in the European Parliament will vote on their respective reports on the proposed directive.


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According to further interpretation, kids downloading illegal copies of Justin Bieber's records might be considered dangerous terrorist! And worst even, uploading might be considered a capital crime, only comparable to a serial killer.

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