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Google Teases New Backup and Sync App, Launching June 28 on Windows PCs and Macs


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Backup and Sync app to replace Google Drive client


Google announced today in a blog post that they are planning to launch a new backup and sync service for Mac and Windows PCs to backup files and photos from users' computers automatically.


As we understand, the latest version of the Google Drive desktop sync client for Mac and Windows computers is becoming the new Backup and Sync service, a version that will integrate with the Google Photos desktop uploader that automatically uploads photos from your PC, digital camera, or storage drives.


So the next time your Google Drive desktop app will be updated, you'll also get the new Backup & Sync service. "Backup and Sync is the latest version of Google Drive for Mac/PC, which is now integrated with the Google Photos desktop uploader. As such, it will respect any current Drive for Mac/PC settings in the Admin console," explains Google.


We believe that Backup and Sync is a dream come true for many PC and Mac users out there using Google's services. These days, it's extremely important to have a cloud backup of your files in case of a disaster, not to mention that you can simply switch to another machine and immediately continue your work.


Designed for consumer users

Google said that the upcoming Backup and Sync service is designed for consumer users, recommending their G Suite users to continue using the Google Drive desktop client on their Macs and PCs until the company launches the long-anticipated, enterprise-ready Drive File Stream solution later this year.


With Drive File Stream, corporate users will be able to backup a huge amount of files without mirroring it on their stations. Therefore, Google says that they won't automatically upgrade G Suite customers to Backup and Sync when the service launches later this month on June 28, 2017.


Please note that to upgrade to Backup and Sync on June 28, you'll need the to be the admin or have access to the system administrator account on the computer where Google Drive is installed. Regular user accounts without admin access won't be able to upgrade the Google Drive client to Backup and Sync.



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14 hours ago, edwardecl said:

Google really wants all my cat pictures.

:coolwink:  IKWYM  :tehe:

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Should I offer Google my entire System?  :nono:

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