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ISIS Torch a Catholic Church in Marawi Philippines


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ISIS thugs in the Philippines film sacrilegious rampage as they smash statues, tear up pictures of the Pope then TORCH a Catholic Church in Marawi.
ISIS militants have filmed themselves destroying a church in the southern Philippines, smashing statues and setting fire to the building..
The video was first published by ISIS's Amaq News Agency.
Philippine soldiers are battling to recapture the town of Marawi from the militants, and clashes have already left at least 178 dead, including 20 civilians.
At least 120 militants and 38 soldiers and policemen are also believed to have been killed.

source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4572818/ISIS-thugs-Philippines-TORCH-Catholic-Church.html



The jihadis gleefully topple crucifixes, stamp on posters of Pope Francis and destroy effigies in the city of Marawi, southern Philippines




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:(  And this is when we humans declare ourselves to be most evolved (and scientifically progressed).  :(


Until we see that

All blood is red

Unstoppable is this

River of blood.   :( 




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