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[solved] portable Screenshot tool that works under Win PE


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I tried various portable tools but some only tell me that I can't run on this system and others missing dll's, but I am nearly sure that there are some portable versions that can be run under Win PE. This pictures

was taking with my Smartphone, but that is not the best solution if you need pictures for a tutorial as example.

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Have u tried "SysInternals ZoomIt Utility"?

Downloaded in .zip format, it comes in a single .EXE file, which does not require installation to run.  The only requirement to run is to accept a EULA prompt.


How to:


Added other portable tools to Windows PE - AOMEI PE Builder


Portable: https://portableapps.com/apps/office/zoomit-portable



8 minutes ago, CrAKeN said:

In that list, there are none which works in WinPE/Windows PE.

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Did you tried out windows default print screen features?


Just press the "printscreen" button on keyboard, it will capture the whole screen or "Alt + printscreen" for active window. Than open Paint or Irfanview or any other graphic software and press "Ctrl + V" to paste the screenshot.


Believe me if default print screen option is not working in WinPE than no portable app take screen shot.

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6 hours ago, child said:

Than open Paint or Irfanview or any other graphic software

and that is the problem, that all this tools don't run under PE




Your hint sounds like it will work djsivgh2q60yadvoe.gif

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Here is the result of my SysInternals ZoomIt test (another thanks @vissha for that hint


the only nonsense is this error message




but it dos not matter, it works anyway in different Win PE versions





the last one is a self made Win 8.1 PE with this help


I will try to inform the author about this nonsense error message to give him a chance to fix that

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