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Browser market share remains almost unchanged as Chrome continues to dominate


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Last month, it was revealed that Chrome had continued its rise in market share whereas Microsoft Edge was slowly crawling along. On the other hand, Internet Explorer lost more of its user base while Safari, Firefox, were growing - albeit by small margins. The situation has remained almost the same this month as well.


According to NetMarketShare, Google Chrome's market share has increased from 59% last month to 59.36% today. The browser has maintained this slight rise in percentage points for some time now. StatCounter pegs Chrome's desktop market share at 63.35%, which despite being a small decrease from the 63.45% reported last month, still remains within the margin of error.



 Image via StatCounter


Meanwhile, NetMarketShare also reports that Microsoft Edge now commands 5.63% of the market, which is an insignificant rise of 0.01 percentage points compared to the previous report, and is within the margin of error. However, StatCounter notes a similar increase and claims that the browser's share now stands at 3.74%.



 Image via NetMarketShare


On the other hand, NetMarketShare reports that Internet Explorer's market share has continued to plummet and now accounts for 17.55% of the user base. Firefox and Safari have shown a slight increase and now sit at 11.98% and 3.56% respectively. "Other" browsers have also shown a modest increase and have a combined market share of 1.91%.


That said, it is important to note that these statistics are compiled based on the data provided by the aforementioned firms' partner websites and tracking codes, so they may not entirely depict the real situation. However, NetMarketShare and StatCounter collect data from 20,000 and 2.5 million sites worldwide, respectively, and their reports have been used to monitor software market share for quite some time.



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