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Jet Screenshot Home 3.1


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Jet Screenshot Home 3.1

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Jet Screenshot is a screen capture service enabling you to share screenshots online in seconds. Take a screenshot, edit and send it to the web, and immediately provide anyone with a link to the image. It is a perfect solution for specialists working remotely: programmers, designers, QA testers, bloggers, technical assistance specialists, sales managers etc.

Jet Screenshot helps make online communication easier by using images and it does it in a quick and convenient manner. You press PrintScr and select the screen area that you want to show to the other party. Add visual markers and click "Share in Web". Jet Screenshot turns the image into a URL that is automatically copied to the clipboard. All you need to do now is to press Ctrl+V to send the URL to the person you are chatting or exchanging emails with. Jet Screenshot does not require any third-party tools on either end of the line. The other person just has to click the link you sent them.





After download from your link, it is advised to create an account at :



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It didn't work for me but showing "Access violation at address 0070CC90 in module 'jetScreenshot.exe'. Read of address 00000057." 

Does any member know what is the actual problem encountered? Any possible solution to it? How can I get it to work properly as it doesn't allow me to enter my email and password.

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