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Users Still Love Microsoft Despite WannaCry Attacks


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Microsoft remains a strong brand despite WannaCry


Many blamed Microsoft for the recent WannaCry ransomware fiasco, claiming the software giant should continue providing support for Windows XP and deliver patches for all Windows versions faster, but despite all this criticism, Microsoft remains a well-loved brand.


Or at least, this is what a new survey conducted by Morning Consult reveals, with 83 percent of the respondents still viewing the brand favorably a week after the WannaCry outburst started.


There are indeed 57 percent of users who said they were concerned about Microsoft products in the future after WannaCry, but on the other hand, 22 percent of them said they weren’t too concerned despite the risks of getting infected. 8 percent pointed out they weren’t concerned at all.


The good news for Microsoft is that 39 percent of the people who participated in the survey claimed they still planned to buy Microsoft products, while only 25 percent said they would have second thoughts when facing such a decision.


Windows 7, biggest victim of WannaCry

Furthermore, a total of 8 percent of the respondents say they are “much more likely” to purchase Microsoft products in the future given the quick reaction of the company to the ransomware, while another 9 percent explained they are “much less likely” do it.


“The strength of Microsoft’s brand leaves it largely unscathed by the recent security issue — unlike its tech industry peer Yahoo Inc. After disclosing its own data breach, Yahoo’s favorability fell 10 percentage points, polling shows,” Morning Consult says.


“Safety appears to be a top priority for people: Most of those surveyed say they are quick to download the latest security updates and have various passwords across platforms.”


For what it’s worth, Windows XP wasn’t the biggest victim of the WannaCry ransomware, but Windows 7, which actually got patches from Microsoft earlier this year on Patch Tuesday. This means that most of the systems that were infected were actually outdated, either due to pirated licenses or because system administrators blocked updates from installing because of various reasons.



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Users have been using Windows for years despite the various virus and malware attacks that it has been susceptible to over the years, basically since early 1991.  So this article isn't news, just words put together to fill space on a page somewhere.  Real news headlines would be "After 35 Years of Development, Windows Still Unsafe" but no one will ever write that story.

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1 hour ago, straycat19 said:

Windows Still Unsafe" but no one will ever write that story.

That would not be news ether because it's something we already know , It dont matter if you was using windows or android , IOS etc you're still not safe  What about  the 2014 Heartbleed  bug which exposed vulnerabilities in devices around the world? 


NSA said to have used Heartbleed bug


Edward Snowden interview: 'Smartphones can be taken over'


What's unsafe is  the internet in general  and people like you make me laugh ,  because you sit back on you're Microsoft Windows OS and complain about it so you're no better than the people who still love Windows because you're just another number  that  makes up the mass scheme of things  1.5 billion users and  even you and you're job depends  on Microsoft Windows.  Some people use windows ,some people just use smart phones , Some people just use mac os , some people just use Linux,  some people use more than one OS ..


But you my friend. shouted on here every since 2015 how you use Windows 7 and dont do updates.  If you dont  do updates it dont matter if Windows was secure are not you would  not be because of not doing updates and it  means you have poor cyber security , even you don't protect yourself against known exploits . So you would never know. So you  dont have a right to speak on the vendor you uses security because you say you never patch!  It looks kind of nuts now 1000s of PCs was exploited and there were a patch out since March . I guess it didn't bother most people or change there opinion of Microsoft because  most people do updates and were patched before this exploit was a threat.     :P

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You cant make computer software without including a vulnerability here and there users think linux is very secure Im sure it is stronger security then windows its not hackproof.  Use windows linux iOS android they all have vulnerabilities.

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