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iCare Data Recovery Pro v8.0.0 for Free - Giveaway


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Product Website: https://www.icare-recovery.com/


Data loss won't be your headache! As one of the best data recovery software developers - iCare Recovery offers iCare Recovery Pro Free Edition works as a comprehensive data recovery solution which can easily recover files for free from wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly operations, inaccessible drive, raw drive or raw file system, virus attack, partition deleted, software crash etc. It can perform file recovery to recover any deleted file like photos, documents, mp3/mp4/music files, outlook/email files, presentations, and it also works with any type of storage media like hard drive, removable hard drive, digital cameral sd card, usb drives, memory card etc.


Giveaway site: http://net-load.com/giveaway-icare-data-recovery-pro-v8-0-0-for-free/


Download the icare-giveaway_8.0.exe :

Site: https://www.upload.ee

Sharecode[?]: /files/7040467/icare-giveaway_8.0.0.exe.html


License Key:

Site: https://paste2.org

Sharecode[?]: /IU9fVfyv


Activate before May, 27, 2017


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