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Amazing Microsoft Redirect


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Well, look at what somebody can discover by accident !

Open a new browser window, and type


followed by ANYTHING you want !!!

This is of course an error because the syntax is : http:// but when you type http// instead, you got to The Microsoft Web site...

Many peple may have noticed that but it just occured to mew today, thought this is amazing ( i mean, how much do they have to pay for that ? ) and wantd to share...

They did it to make sure that whoever types http//: by accient instead of the correct one http:// will go to THEIR SITE.


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this happens because the way firefox works (:

it you type in a nonsense address, it searches google and goes to the first page it finds. ie: search http// in google and youll get microsoft.com (:

and yes, i suspect google gets payed for this :rolleyes:

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basiclly, i does an 'im feeling lucky' search :)

It does a 'Im Feeling Lucky' search when the keywords typed in match a domain name

E.G. type in 'nsane productions' and you get http://nsaneproductions.com

but if you type in 'nsane productions forum' you get a google search page

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IE feature...

same thing it directed me to the Microsoft site :rofl:

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