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Opera & BitTorrent Partnership


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Opera Software announced yesterday that it has teamed with BitTorrent Inc. to include the BitTorrent™ protocol in the upcoming version of the Opera Web browser. Integrating this popular technology in the Opera browser means faster and more efficient downloads of large files.

Opera and BitTorrent have signed an agreement covering Opera's use of the BitTorrent trademark and access to the BitTorrent search engine from the browser’s user interface. A technical preview (TP) of the Opera 9 browser will be made available soon.

BitTorrent's technology will be made available to users of the Opera browser in two ways: first, users can search for torrent files in the Opera browser's integrated search field, and second, when a file has been selected, Opera's Transfer Manager feature will handle the download. As a result of integrating BitTorrent into the Opera browser, users no longer need separate software for the searching and downloading of torrent content.

Opera Software was the first mass-market browser vendor to implement BitTorrent technology. On July 7, 2005, the company launched the first technical preview of the Opera browser (Opera 8.02) which included the BitTorrent protocol. As a result of positive user feedback and further testing, Opera has now decided to maintain BitTorrent in the upcoming Opera 9 Web browser.

"Implementing BitTorrent is a natural choice, considering its efficient use of bandwidth and worldwide popularity. For users this means that they can browse and download content in an application they're familiar with," says Christen Krogh, VP of Engineering, Opera Software.

Source: Opera Press Release

Current Features: Opera.com Features Page

I'm not sure if this will be a good or bad thing for this great browser. Will this make the filesize significantly greater? Will it utilize further system resources on its already low footprint? Personally I am in 2 minds about this one. I don't use BT but if this new feature becomes standard by default, what about those not wishing to use it? Or will it become integrated but not "setup" as such just like it's built-in mail client?

Your thoughts?

Sam ;)

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It sounds like they are setting it up just like a Google or Yahoo type search engine. It sounds cool to me

to be able to search for and download files while sufing the internet on the same browser.

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