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The latest Insider builds of Edge support WOFF 2.0 for faster font loading


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Speed is everything


In our modern world, the web is always evolving, and with this evolution comes the need for more speed and reliability. Thankfully, the folks at Microsoft and the Edge team have seen this through and are announcing that the latest Insider builds of Edge will support WOFF 2.0 for faster font loading.


The feature will be available starting in build 14316, and will be rolling out this Summer to all Windows 10 users with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Under the hood, though, WOFF 2 will compress fonts with Brotli and will deliver a 30% reduction in font file size compared to 2009’s W3C WOFF standard.


Microsoft claims that over 60% of web pages and 5.3% of the average web page use custom fonts, so WOFF 2 will definitely make for a more speedy web experience. Many browsers such as Firefox and Chrome already support WOFF 2, and along with Edge, the feature will be coming to Safari soon as well.


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