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Windows 10 nagware patch KB 3035583 back on Windows 7 PCs


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Documentation is sketchy, but the patch has just appeared as an unchecked optional sucker punch

Hard to believe, but Microsoft just released a new version of KB 3035583, the oft-maligned "Get Windows 10" installer.


For the few Windows 7 customers who don't already know, KB 3035583 is the root cause of all of those "Get Windows 10" ads, most notably the one that flew across TV station KCCI's weather report last Wednesday, much to the chagrin of quick-thinking meteorologist Metinka Slater.


We've been tracking the nagware here for more than a year.


According to Net Applications, Windows 10 usage share jumped all of 1.2 percent in April. Gregg Keizer at Computerworld pegs Win10 to hit 20 percent of all Windows desktop usage worldwide by the middle of the year.


The nagware onslaught has drawn near-universal condemnation. Microsoft persists. Perhaps the upgrade pace is too slow -- or Microsoft figures the crack of the upgrade whip too muted.


As of noon on Tuesday, KB 3035583 appears as an unchecked, optional update on my test machines. If history is any guide, that's a precursor to turning it into a checked, important update. Time will tell.


Neither the KB article nor Microsoft's official Windows Update list contains any mention of the patch. That will no doubt change at some point.


The solution, of course, is to run GWX Control Panel, which thwarts KB 3035583's primary mission.


I keep hoping Microsoft will give us more Win10 upgrade carrots and fewer sticks. In a time of Windows' diminishing influence (see Paul Thurrot's timely Can Google and Apple Pull the Plug on the PC Market?) force-feeding Win10 certainly isn't a good way to win over the hearts and minds of recalcitrant Windows 7 owners.


The "you will use Windows 10 or else" approach won't keep the wolves from the door.


Source: Windows 10 nagware patch KB 3035583 back on Windows 7 PCs


(InfoWorld - Woody Leonhard)


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you can disable GWX icon and notifications just doing this...




thats all, is not hard.

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