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Minecraft GearVR released in Oculus Store now – Galaxy downloads aplenty


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Today Minecraft VR has been launched for the Samsung Gear VR. This is the first time the game has been available officially as a public build in the virtual reality realm, and it'll be coming to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or 5 or Galaxy S6 or S7 - or S6 Edge or S7 Edge. Just so long as you have a Gear VR virtual reality headset and a modern Samsung smartphone in the S or Note or Edge family, you'll be set. The app is available in the Oculus store now.


To attain this game, you have only to open the Oculus Store on your Samsung device. There you'll find the game Minecraft GearVR up front and center in the Free position. The app will download approximately 88.2 MB of data to your device. Once there, you'll be able to enter using your Gear VR headset.


Of note is the requirement to have a gaming controller when you enter this realm, right off the bat. If you do not have a controller connected, the game will certainly let you know immediately.



Oculus' own John Carmack ‏thanked two developers for "all the hard work" this afternoon on Twitter, adding "Minecraft GearVR turned out great!"


One was @Saxs, who suggests that "My Minecraft worlds have never looked better to me," adding, "Note.. sheeps are BIG :)"


Once you're inside the VR realm, you'll want to head to the VR menu. There you'll have some options.


VR Controls
• [ON] VR Controls (In Progress). All VR Options default to ON (except 3D Rendering on Gear VR) if these controls are selected.
• [OFF] Classic Controls. Options for VR Head Steering, Linear Jump, VR Turning and VR Turning Sound are ignored.


We recommend ON.


Several other options are available, including:
VR Turning
VR Turn by Time
VR Turning Sound
Head Stearing
3D Rendering
Linear Jump
HUD Drift
Linear Motion
Sticky Mining


We recommend ON for each of these options as well.


Once you've jumped in and played for a while, let us know how you like it!



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