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This insane Super Mario Maker player conquers one of the toughest stages yet


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Humans are evil. If you want proof, try playing through some of the gamer-created levels in Super Mario Maker. But humans also persevere over evil — again, we can find evidence of this in Nintendo’s awesome Wii U release and GamesBeat’s Game of the Year for 2015.


Someone has finally beaten the Super Mario Maker level The ER: Surgical Shell 2.0 after 50,000 total attempts by the community. The Twitch channel Familyofgamerz posted the clip of J.C., 13, clearing the stage with a perfect run. It requires a series of perfect jumps and an array of difficult techniques to get through. Super Mario Maker’s nearly limitless skill ceiling is one of the reasons that so many people love it — especially because creators cannot upload impossible stages.


Knowing that a course is beatable is what keeps many people coming back. And now that Nintendo has this base game, many fans are hoping Super Mario Maker will make the leap to the upcoming dedicated console from the company, which the publisher codenamed NX. If the user-generated content platform does get ported, you can expect Nintendo to continue capitalizing on its popularity with downloadable add-ons and more to maximize its revenues in the $99.6 billion gaming industry.


For now, however, we can all enjoy watching an unbelievably talented Mario player besting one of the toughest stages ever. Go ahead and watch it:





If you’re like me, you might see that and think that is far beyond what you’ll ever have the capability to handle. Thankfully, Super Mario Maker has so many stages — more than 6.2 million as of March — that you’ll quickly find something that does match your skill level. And who knows? Maybe you’ll end up improving to the point where you can take on Surgical Shells 2.0 yourself.



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