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Vivaldi 1.1 Update is out


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The first stable version of the Vivaldi web browser is less than a month old, and the team has already released an update that brings the version to 1.1.

Installed copies of the browser should pick up the new version automatically already so that you can use the dialog to download and install Vivaldi 1.1 to the system. If the version is not picked up yet, select Vivaldi menu > Help > Check for updates to run a manual check for updates instead.


New users can head over to the official Vivaldi website to download the browser from there directly instead.

The latest stable version and snapshot are always linked on the right sidebar there.

Vivaldi 1.1

vivald 1.1


First, the bad news: Vivaldi 1.1 does not support Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X 10.8 or lower anymore. NPAPI plugins are also disabled and no longer supported.

Vivaldi 1.1 features several tab-related improvements that provide users of the web browser with additional options in this regard.


You probably know that you can close all other tabs by right-clicking on a tab and selecting the option from the context menu that opens up.

Instead of doing that, you may now also hold down the Alt-key on the keyboard instead and click on the close icon of the tab that you want to keep. Doing so closes all other tabs in Vivaldi just like the right-click menu option does.


Another tab related feature addition allows you to select whether you want the tab on the right or left activated on tab closure. This extends the already available options to switch to the next related tab, or the previous tab in activation order.


vivaldi 1.1 options


Tab Stacking is one of the unique features of the Vivaldi browser. It comes therefore at no surprise that the feature has been improved further in Vivaldi 1.1

Tab Stacking works by dropping tabs on top of each other. This saves space on the tab bar, enables you to cycle through all tabs of a stack, and display them all at the same time in a single browser window.


Vivaldi has added the browser's tab hibernation feature to tab stacks. Hibernation unloads the tab from memory without removing it from the tab bar. This feature is now available when you right-click on tab stacks so that you can hibernate all tabs of a stack in one swift operation.


hibernate tab stack


You may also select tabs with Ctrl or Shift pressed down to hibernate them all at once when you select the hibernate option from the context menu.

The last tab-related feature addition involves stack and cloned tabs opening behavior. When you hold down Ctrl or Shift when opening new tabs in the browser, for instance links that you click on, then you will notice that these tabs get opened in the same stack. The same is true for cloned tabs only that this happens automatically when you select the option in the browser.


What else?

  1. A new Address Bar setting provides you with an option to disable the dropdown menu of the address bar (where suggestions are displayed in).
  2. An option to improve Speed Dial data from Opera 12.x has been added.

You can check out the full Vivaldi 1.1 release notes here.


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