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Mozilla Firefox 46.0


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Firefox is the award winning next generation browser from Mozilla. Firefox empowers you to browse faster, more safely, and more efficiently than with any other browser. Make the switch today - Firefox imports your Favorites, settings and other information, so you have nothing to lose. Stop annoying popup ads in their tracks with Firefox's built in popup blocker. View more than one web page in a single window with this time saving feature. Open links in the background so that they're ready for viewing when you're ready to read them. Built with your security in mind, Firefox keeps your computer safe from malicious spyware by not loading harmful ActiveX controls. A comprehensive set of privacy tools keep your online activity your business.

Thanks to BLAite for the update.


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Portable paf different versions:



Online installers:

FirefoxPortable 46.0 English online.paf
File: FirefoxPortable 46.0 English online.paf.exe
Size: 995.3 KB

Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/37ebfd44
FirefoxPortable64 46.0 English online.paf
File: FirefoxPortable64 46.0 English online.paf.exe
Size: 995.56 KB
Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/ce1d9e0b

Offline installers:

FirefoxPortable 46.0 English.paf (offline installer 32-bit)
File: FirefoxPortable 46.0 English.paf.exe
Size: 45 MB
Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/1575dac3
FirefoxPortable64 46.0 English.paf (offline installer 64-bit)
File: FirefoxPortable64 46.0 English.paf.exe
Size: 46.49 MB
Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/14055203

2-in-one - portableapps.com currently used this version
FirefoxPortable 46.0 English.paf  (2-in-one portableapps.com current version)
File: FirefoxPortable 46.0 English.paf.exe
Size: 90.03 MB
Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/cf96916b





NB! If You have trouble when Firefox don't open some sites, I'll suggest to visit this post:



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Mozilla Firefox v46.0 en-US silent


1- Silent install
2- Set homepage to Google.com
3- Always ask you where to download files
4- Ask to save open tabs when you close Firefox with many tabs open
5- Enjoy!


32Bit (Size:  43.2 MB)

Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/1TS97GPJ/Mozilla_Firefox_v46.0_32Bit_Silent.zip_links


64Bit (Size: 45.8 MB)

Site: http://www.mirrorcreator.com
Sharecode[?]: /files/1A8JSFKS/Mozilla_Firefox_v46.0_64Bit_Silent.zip_links
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Portable Mozilla Firefox 46.0 32-64 bit Multilingual Online

By PortableAppZ


Portable Firefox MultiVersion 32-64 bit Multilingual Online (0.5 MB)

Site: http://www.mediafire.com
Sharecode[?]: /download/okqpffx4ds12iqq/Firefox_Portable_MultiVersion_32-64-bit_Multilingual_Online.exe


Select language and enter Version Number: 46.0

Multilingual Online will download setup in selected language (Afrikaans, Shqip, عربي, Հայերեն, অসমীয়া, Euskara, Беларуская, বাংলা (বাংলাদেশ), Bosanski, Brezhoneg, Български, Català, 中文 (简体), 正體中文 (繁體), Hrvatski, Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands, English (British), English (South African), English (US), Esperanto, Eesti keel, suomi, Français, Frysk, Pulaar-Fulfulde, Gàidhlig, Galego, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, ગુજરાતી, עברית, हिन्दी (भारत), magyar, íslenska, Bahasa Indonesia, Gaeilge, Italiano, 日本語, ಕನ್ನಡ, Қазақ, ខ្មែរ, 한국어, Latviešu, lietuvių kalba, Македонски, മലയാളം, मराठी, Norsk bokmål, Norsk nynorsk, ଓଡ଼ିଆ, فارسی, Polski, Português (do Brasil), Português (Europeu), ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, română, Русский, Српски, slovenčina, Slovenščina, Español (de Argentina), Español (de Chile), Español (de México), Español (de España), Svenska, தமிழ், తెలుగు, ไทย, Türkçe, Українська, Tiếng Việt, Cymraeg, isiZulu) and extract files.
Extract and run FirefoxPortable  (both have their own profile).
Settings of installed Firefox should be preserved.
Multi-Users: change Profile by editing FirefoxPortable.ini  with User=NameOfNewUser
Associated to Thunderbird Portable if FirefoxPortable and ThunderbirdPortable folders are in the same folder. A click on a mailto link in FirefoxPortable open a new mail in ThunderbirdPortable (don't work on Windows 8 and above).
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