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Unearthed 'Tomb Raider III' Promotional Video is Corny and Great


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Tomb Raider  fans have a new nugget of nostalgia to enjoy with the release of a previously little-known film promoting Tomb Raider III.


The short movie, called ‘The Trilogy,’ follows two detectives as they interrogate a gamer about his obsession with Lara Croft. The somewhat cheesy movie follows their quest to learn who the woman is, including throwbacks to the game at the time, grainy graphics and all. The film had never been seen outside the Tomb Raider III launch party at the Natural History Museum in London until the original digibeta tape was recently unearthed by producer Janey de Nordwall.


Video game developer Crystal Dynamics shared the video ahead of gaming festival PAX East this weekend as part of an ongoing celebration of the 20th anniversary of Tomb Raider, which fans can follow with #TombRaider20 on Twitter. A book and an album celebrating the game are also set to be released this year.



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