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Microsoft says it's fixed Skype's irritating 'continuous ringing' bug


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From messages appearing out of order, to a stream of notifications suddenly bursting through hours late, there's no shortage of issues that users would dearly love to see fixed on Skype. There's still plenty of work to do on that front, but Microsoft says that it's resolved one of the more irritating bugs on its messaging platform.


Over on Thurrott.com, Brad Sams said that Microsoft has rolled out an update to fix the problem of Skype on the web continuing to ring on one or more devices, even after an incoming call has been answered on another device.


And there's more good news: the update should also 'help address the issue' of messages appearing in the wrong order, although Brad says that the problem may not be completely fixed just yet.


It's a small step, but if Microsoft can continue to resolve these relatively minor - but still very annoying - problems with Skype, it will go a long way towards improving the overall user experience on its messaging service. Source: Thurrott.com


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they'd better fixed the Skype's notifications on Android. I don't get any, unless I open the app and see for myself - it makes the app completely unreliable ;)

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