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Street Fighter V’s next patch will permanently address rage quitters


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Capcom  released Street Fighter V back in February, and almost immediately a problem developed with rage quitters, or players who quit matches early — often because they're losing — instead of seeing things through to the end. A partial fix was detailed in March, which has seen the developer manually punish players who are detected to have high disconnection rates, but they also promised a more permanent solution in the future.


Now players finally know such an update is on the way, as Capcom has revealed that a fix will be released before the end of April in the form of patch 1.03. This will come as a relief to the hardcore Street Fighter community, which has had to the frequent poor behavior from other players.


"We’re planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV. More details coming soon!", posted the official Street Fighter Twitter account late this week.


The source of the frustration surrounding rage quitters lies in the fact that these players suffered no in-game penalty from the act. Instead of a quit automatically registering as a loss, players are able to keep their win streaks and league points.


Capcom's temporary solution has been a weekly sweep of player data to identify those with high disconnect rates, and then resetting all of their league points. While the developer hasn't given specifics yet on the next update, it will surely include quitting players receiving a loss on the spot, the way it should be in any fighting game upon release.



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