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Voodooshield pro [test fix]


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I have been playing with this Program today, it's not perfect but give it a try if you like.


Some program will show "no internet connection" when analysis

Some program will show VoodooAI error

Cloud is not working


1. First extract all files from the zip file.

2. Install latest "Voodooshield" (after install is done do not open the program)

2. Copy the "settings.dat" to ProgramData\Voodoshield

4. Run "runAsDate" browse for "VoodooShield.exe" - "Date 2015-04-15" - tick "Move the time Forward..."Create Desktop Shortcut"

5. Run your new "Shortcut" you created (this is your new shortcut so you can remove the orginal)

6. Go to settings untick "start with Windows"

7. Make a new Shortcut of your "Shortcut"

8. Run "shell:startup" and place the shortcut you just made there

9. Done..Reboot.  


Site: https://www.datafilehost.com
Sharecode[?]: /d/237a15f4


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