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Brussels Terrorist Laptop Included Details Of Planned Attack In Unencrypted Folder Titled 'Target'


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As the push  to backdoor or ban encryption heats up, kneejerk politicians have rushed to embrace each and every recent attack and to immediately point fingers at encryption. Right after the Paris attacks, politicians started blaming encryption, even though evidence suggested they communicated by unencrypted SMS. Even months later, the press was ridiculously using the total lack of evidence of any encryption... as evidence of encryption. Then with the Brussels attacks from a few weeks ago politicians like Rep. Adam Schiff immediately tried to blame encryption insisting that "we can be sure that terrorists will continue to use what they perceive to be the most secure means to plot their attacks."

Of course, now it's being reported that a laptop seized from one of the suicide bombers in Brussels shows little attempt to actually hide plans of attacks. In fact, it showed that attack plans were kept in an unencrypted folder titled "Target." And the only attempt to "hide" it was that the computer had been thrown in the trash.



The bomber referred to striking Britain, the La Defense business district in Paris, and the ultra-conservative Catholic organisation, Civitas, in a folder titled “Target,” written in English, according to the source.

The laptop was found in the trash by police in Brussels shortly after the suicide bombings on March 22 that killed 32 people at the city’s airport and on a Metro train.


I'm wondering if Rep. Adam Schiff will now talk about the need to ban "folders" in operating systems?



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we should really need to start to about banning politicians, they are not only useless but cost society a lot of money.

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As I wrote in some previous post: terrorist are not computer geeks. Most of them are fairly computer illitarate noobs, as average poblation. Some of them probably haven't used ever an own laptop. After all, they are just "humans" - well, generically speaking, don't mistake term for "humanitarian". So as any normal user, while using all this computer encryption apps, they end by... closing them out of their own computer, just as the average noob!. So that's might be a reason for avoidong the use of some really ellaborate schemes. After all, it's "their" laptop, no one else is supposed to get a peek at its content!.

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