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hello to all people !

i mainly came here from Invisionize out of curiosity because i wanted to see the nice SWF file with the local county times and flags... i may be implementing this on my site soon !

Nice place here !

I would like to affiliate my site, www.yourforum.gr and exchange banners !

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yes, welcome, i'll go ahead and add ya to the link list on teh frontpage (don't really have a affiliate section yet) :unsure:

here's my button, if ya want it, i dont have a banner atm...


btw, i didn't make the clock, i 'borrowed' it :P from a forum i visit regularly and i dunno if they made it either so... :duh:

they seem to be shy about their URL being made public, so dont ask...

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oh, and since we are having an Admin talk here, what do you think about a sig like that :

( Statistics regarding my site )


TIP : refresh the page many times and see it change !!!

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