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Microsoft Rolls Out Flash Player Update for Edge Browser and Internet Explorer


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Zero-day flaw in Flash Player now fixed for Microsoft users

Adobe has recently patched a zero-day flaw in Flash Player that allowed attackers to compromise computers running the latest version of the software, and because Microsoft bundled the app in its browser and is responsible for addressing security vulnerabilities via Windows Update, fixes for IE and Edge are only now shipped to users.

As a result, Microsoft has published a new security advisory to inform about updates for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

Consumers who are running any of the two apps on their computers will get the patch via Windows Update, and everyone is recommended to install it as soon as possible because it’s aimed at a zero-day flaw that was already being exploited.

Adobe has confirmed that some limited exploits have been spotted in the wild, and this should be reason enough to convince users to patch ASAP.

New versions of Windows getting the patch

As far as Windows users are concerned, the patch is aimed at all but one version of the operating system. Internet Explorer in Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10, and the Windows 10 Insider Preview, and Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 and the Windows 10 Insider Preview all come with Flash Player built-in, so these platforms are supposed to receive the update as we speak.

Edge is currently a Windows 10-exclusive app and is available in both RTM and preview versions of the operating system (Windows 10 Mobile devices aren’t affected by this flaw, despite the fact that they too run Edge as the default browser).

As usual, you are advised to save your work before installing the patch and reboot the system afterwards. And the general recommendation of avoiding clicking on links and files coming from unknown sources still remains, despite the fact that Adobe has already patched the Flash Player vulnerability.


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but they failed in Windows 10 and have put a vulnerable version in KB3099406 instead of the fixed version

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