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Microsoft Now Internally Testing Windows 10 Build 10575, New Release to Take Place Soon


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Gabriel Aul confirms this build is looking good so far

The Windows Insider program continues for both PCs and smartphones, and as far as the former category is concerned, new builds seem to arrive a lot faster than for its mobile sibling.

After rolling out Windows 10 build 10565 for both slow and fast ring insiders, Microsoft is now getting ready for another release that could take place in the coming days. Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, has confirmed that Windows 10 build 10575 is currently being tested internally and that “we’re working on getting a new build out.”

In other words, a new release candidate is already available, and although 10575 is just in the fast ring at this moment, there’s still hope that it could advance to slow and then to the public fast track in just a few days if no major bugs are found.

And yet, do not expect this build to bring any significant changes, although the recently released 10658 has indeed provided us with some new small features as compared to its predecessor. So 10575 is very likely to be the public version of the leaked 10568, with all spotted options to thus arrive on insiders’ PCs too.

Windows 10 Mobile

At the same time, Microsoft is also working on a brand new Windows 10 Mobile build, but details on this one are very limited for the time being.

Nevertheless, Aul has confirmed that the team is hard at work bringing out a new build that would allow direct upgrade from 10136, as the previous release required a full re-flash to Windows Phone 8.1 before install. The next release could thus make it simpler for insiders and allow for a direct upgrade without any additional tweaks.

More details should be provided sometime this week, as Windows 10 Mobile is reaching its final stages of developments, and the operating system should be ready for all Windows Phone users in approximately one month and a half.


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