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Survey: Which Web Browser Do Users Trust?


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Survey: Which Web Browser Do Users Trust?

Most users chose Firefox, but what browser do you trust?

For the past three years, security vendor Sophos has been asking users "Which web browser do you trust?" and making the results available on their blog every October.

The results for the 2015 edition of this poll are in, and as in the previous two years, the winner is once again Firefox with 41% of the 3,928 votes.

Second on the list is Google Chrome with 21%, followed by Opera with 16%, and Safari with 8%, closely reproducing the poll's results from previous years.

Other browsers that also got votes include Tor with 6%, Internet Explorer with 3%, Chromium and Microsoft Edge, both with 2%.

Ironically, Tor is less trusted than Firefox

Weird is the fact that Tor, the browser made famous by Edward Snowden, the last bastion of privacy and security in the world of Web browsing products, scored only 6%, much less than Sophos (and we) anticipated, 2015 being the first year when Tor was added to the poll.

While Tor is the browser of choice for journalists, national dissidents, and any international man of mystery, the browser, despite the plethora of security-focused features, has failed to attract new users to its side.

The poll is in no way indicative of how popular browsers are, and as the Browser Trust Gap table seen below shows, many users that have visited the poll page with one browser ended up voting for another browser.


Browser Trust Gap
Firefox Chrome IE Safari

2013 19.5% -12.3% -5.2% -0.9%

2014 19.5% -8.6% -8.2% -1.2%

2014 14.3% -19.6% -9.2% -1.1%

As you can see, Chrome, the world's most used browser, according to almost every browser usage statistics around, has yet to capture the hearts of its users.

According to the data, Chrome has a -19.6% browser trust gap, meaning that, from the total of 40.78% of users that voted in the poll (via Chrome), 19.6% of them voted for another browser.



We would have expected this to happen for Internet Explorer, but not for Chrome. The simplest explanation for this trend is the fact that Chrome is developed by Google, a company that has recently ditched its long-lasting company motto of "Don't be evil!"




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Most used web browser is Chrome.


Myself, I do use other browsers, ninety per cent (90%) I.E. eight per cent (8%) SeaMonkey and I try others to view web pages I have created.

Best Mozilla browser has to be SeaMonkey!

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Most people do not know nothing, everything based only on their emotions.
(Almost the same way how women choose the dress. The only difference is that the dress should not be similar to someone,

but the browser has to be the same, what everyone uses.)

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Lol! Didn't we have three similar browsers or if I correct my sentence, the same browser with the same skin!

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Nsaners, please think before you reply. This is about Trust and not about Usage/Fastest browser.

For example, a person who is using both Firefox and Chrome, but the trust is more on Firefox due to security/privacy/customization/any other reason. The vote goes to Firefox. This is how the article describes.

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