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Petition asks Microsoft to fix two glaring shortfalls in Windows 10


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A new change.org petition asks Satya Nadella for common-sense improvements to the new operating system

Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Answers forum moderator, and Patchmanagement.org moderator Susan Bradley has posted a petition to Satya Nadella, asking that Microsoft make two sorely needed changes to Windows 10. If you agree, you should head over to change.org and add your name to the list of signatories.

In short, Bradley proposes that:

  • Microsoft must give Windows 10 users more control over when updates are installed.
  • Microsoft should provide detailed information on what's in each update.

Without those changes, Windows 10 doesn't stand a chance in the corporate world, and it's severely hamstrung for individual users.

Perhaps there was a golden era when we could trust Microsoft to keep Windows fixed and operating properly. That era -- if it ever existed -- has long since passed.

Forced, stealthy patches will kill Windows 10.

Nadella has asked us to move beyond needing Windows to wanting Windows to loving Windows. It's hard to love something that's victimized you repeatedly. Sadly, the situation isn't improving.

Without much greater disclosure, it would be foolish and irresponsible for a company (or a savvy individual) to rely on Windows 10.

Think about it. Then sign.


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Signed it in an instant. This is the major reason I will NOT upgrade to or install Windows 10 on anything here.

I do NOT want to play Microsoft's forced-update-russian-roulette game with my systems!

It WILL happen, it's only matter of time. Microsoft WILL release a future patch that toasts a large number of systems that will (after a user backlash) force them to revert to un-forced non-cumulative detailed patches.

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When Windows Eleven (11) arrives, can we go back to OLde SKoOL desktops that people want.

Eight ( 8 ) & Ten (10) were designed for cell phones, tablets and touch screens.

Give people a choice when they install, either desktop or tablet.

If Windows Ten (10) was like seven (7), but new features, better security and stuffed full of steroids, then I would update.

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Maybe i would get win 10 if yes they gave imformation about updates and stopped so much telemetry.I agree with u both.

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I'll just stick to XP until my Desktop breaks, then I'll probably run Linux on something fast.

Windows XP or eventually 7 in a VM for reversing or testing stuff.

As Lee said, I don't want a smartphone on my Desktop.

But sheep come in flocks ... no way you can stop "progress".

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