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cFosSpeed 10.11 Build 2246 Beta


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cFosSpeed 10.11 Build 2246 Beta

Download | 10.11 Beta - http://www.cfos.de/beta/cfosspeed-v1011-build2246.exe

Changes in 10.11 build 2246 Beta:

! Removed support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. Now, the minimum supported operating system is Windows 7. If you require cFosSpeed for Windows XP or Vista, you can download version 10.10.2238 from http://www.cfos.de/cfosspeed-xp-vista-v1010.exe
- Switched off TCP checksumming in cFosSpeed. If you desire, you can switch it back on by using "spd gset checksum_tcp 1 -save", but it is quite time consuming and its use is marginal.

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