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Microsoft Significantly Improves Window Snapping in Windows 10 Build 10565


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You can now resize two windows at the same time

Windows 10 build 10565 comes with a long list of improvements, but there seems to be a change that only few people have spotted until now.

Window snapping in Windows 10 has been Microsoft's main concern since the release of build 9926, but the latest update for insiders seems to be one of the most eagerly awaited features: the possibility of resizing two snapped windows simultaneously by simply dragging the separator either with a mouse or with your finger.

Previously, this was only possible in tablet mode, so build 10565 is the first to bring it on PCs, which makes window snapping a lot more helpful for those with a mouse and keyboard.

And what's more, this feature supports not only universal apps but also Win32 software, which means that it can snap any combination of programs running on your screen at the same time.

Fast and supporting any app

The video you see here and posted online by Eric Pellegrini shows how the new window snapping mode works in build 10565 with touch, but the very same behavior exists for mouse and keyboard users too.

“In Build 10565 the ability to simultaneously resize two snapped windows was added to NON-tablet mode. This improves on the W8 implementation because it works with any combination of Universal App windows and normal 32/64 bit desktop applications,” he explains in the description of his video.

Indeed, this behavior was previously used in Windows 8, but it only worked with Metro apps, no matter if you were using a mouse or a touch-capable device.

This feature is currently available only for Windows insiders and depending on the feedback that Microsoft receives in the coming weeks, it will decide whether to release it to RTM users or not. A major update for Windows 10 is supposed to launch sometime next month, so this could be the best moment to introduce the new window snapping features.

See video here

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