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Microsoft Adds Subtle Tweaks to Windows 10 Start Menu in Build 10565


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New context menu and icons for the Start menu


Microsoft has once again revamped the Start menu in Windows 10, this time with more subtle tweaks that are available for the moment only for users enrolled in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program.

Windows 10 build 10565, which was shipped to insiders a few hours ago, comes with improvements to the Start menu that are supposed to make it easier to use, but also to offer consistency across the operating system, with context menus now looking more like the ones on the desktop.

There are also new icons for tile adjustments, which could really come in handy to determine which option is right for you when setting up the Start menu.

The Start menu is an essential part of Windows 10, and it's no secret that Microsoft is trying really hard to capitalize on this feature and show everyone that it cares about their feedback by improving it based on the suggestions it received.

And offering context menu consistency in Windows 10 was a top feature request, so take this as living proof that Redmond is willing to do more about the way the new OS meets our needs.

No changes for RTM

Microsoft uses these preview builds to test new features before they are shipped to RTM users, so for the moment, those who are still running Windows 10 build 10240 aren't getting any Start menu improvements.

Right now, the majority of features that Microsoft is experimenting with are part of build 10565, but as always, there's no guarantee that they'll be released to stable users too. The company is trying to determine if they're worth it or not, so some could go away before getting the go-ahead.

A big update is expected in November, so this one could bring Start menu improvements for RTM users too.


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