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Microsoft starts internal development of Windows 10 ‘Redstone’


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A few months ago, details regarding a number of upcoming ‘feature’ updates for Windows 10 were detailed, the first of which is codenamed Threshold 2 and scheduled to arrive in just a few weeks. Threshold 2 will include a number of small features and tweaks which were originally slated for the Windows 10 RTM, but due to time-constraints never made it, features such as a Messaging app, Edge extensions and other under-the-hood improvements.

The second update coming for Windows 10 is codenamed Redstone, and is a larger update compared to Threshold 2. Redstone will be what Windows 8.1 was to Windows 8 essentially, bringing much needed changes and improvements to the feature-set and design of Windows 10. Redstone is scheduled to launch around a year after Windows 10 did, and is pretty much ‘next’ version of Windows.

Over the past couple of months, Microsoft has been in the planning phase of Redstone, and although it’s too early to begin detailing all the features they are planning, we can confirm that Redstone has now entered early development, and has been for a few weeks, meaning engineers are now beginning to lay-down code. Since we’re several months away from RTM however, not a lot differs from these current builds.

I understand the first Redstone builds have been compiled within the 11xxx range, giving Microsoft plenty of room to finalise and sign off on Threshold 2 soon. It also appears Build-Feed has spotted the first of redstone development branches, rs1_onecore_mqbase1. All Redstone builds will be compiled in branches starting with RS1_, much like Threshold 2 does with TH2_.


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Was someone at Microsoft playing too much of Minecraft and we're gonna get a super glitchy OS that never works as you want it and always looks ugly as hell in the end? That's the first association I get with the codename...

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