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Strange Wireless Signals


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Yesterday I found a few weird things out about my local WiFi Neighborhood...

I used an older version of Inssider by Metageek ( while it was still free ).. to take a look at the local area signals and channels they were on to move my signal to a spot which was better for my channels..

So I decided to move them to a better spot .. because there seemed to be a strong signal and a weaker signal parked right under mine on the same channels. When I moved my channel to a clear spot these two signals moved right along with mine ( this is on the 2.4 GHz band.. ) one of the accompanying signal stayed with the weaker group and the other changed with mine. So I thought maybe it had something to do with mine.. ( or someone is using a repeater to steal mine ). I turned the router off... and the other signals remained and the stronger stayed. So when I rebooted I changed all of the WiFi passwords and tried to identify the signal. I also thought someone could have a repeater that wasn't setup right and somehow connected when I used my WPS Button one of three times since I owned my router.. or is it something else.. as the signals seem to follow the strongest signals present in the chart... was just really holding my interest right there...

The signal is coming from something made by Suga International, has a specific MAC Address which shows up the same on each signal being emitted.. and each signal of the three total I found, starts off with the same four letters.. which as I have researched only could be specific to one device and it is a TV, which makes no sense at all.

So with you experienced users out there.. and Network Heads... any light to shed on the matter as far as what this is and why?

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Yeah, I changed everything and it still seems to be doing the same thing... but I don't seem to notice any big fluctuations in my speed.. though which would be true if they only surf the web..

I did notice a guest WiFi signal which is open in the neighborhood in which I cannot stop a certain tablet which belongs to someone else from connecting to when it doesn't have WiFi... Maybe that is what they have been using but when it isn't available.. the repeater looks as though it is trying to piggyback on everything in the neighborhood... It would be obvious this person does not have Internet on their own.. This could also be the reason I have had a few small issues.. ( but the router reboots/disconnects to protect itself ), especially if they are trying brute force attacks to get the routers login or wireless for that matter.

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Do what I did. I went around the neighborhood and identified all the open WiFi routers and then assisted them in securing them and turning off the SSID broadcast. So when you are in my neighborhood you will see nothing on WiFi. I check daily just to make sure everyone is still secure which only requires selecting WiFi on my phone and see if anyone is broadcasting an SSID. Stopped all the wireless thieves though it did piss off one guy who had been stealing his neighbors wireless for 7 years.

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That actually would be nice.. The software I am using allows me to see them even if they are not broadcasting and SSID.. Myself and one other are the only ones to turn off their SSID Broadcast. Around here they would be more suspicious than security savvy.. So they would suspect that I was going to do something to their stuff before they would ever fix the security risk. What bothers me the most is how tech savvy they are not.. and the fact that anything within range which hasn't been setup correctly could easily connect or piggyback by hitting a WPS Button on someone's router anywhere around the same time..

I think this might have been what actually happened to mine.. I have been able to move it twice since without issue. I also think this has been this way since before I disabled the SSID ( like the second or third time since I got this router.. ( just made it easy for me to connect to as well as the WPS.. but no longer in use )

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People are un-aware mostly about Wi-Fi security.

I just talked to my sister, she's had a new laptop for two weeks and cant use it.

She has an ISP that gave her husband the login and a password a long time ago ? To what I'm not quite sure - I have a feeling its to his business account login.. maybe email or website.

She has been trying everything written on her Cisco router/modem and some new wifi AP from the ISP as the 'security' password for this new laptops Wi-Fi connection.. I told her to unplug her computer and plug that cable into her laptop.. too hard for her to figure out how to do that. haha

She lives far away from me but trying to talk to her on the phone.. she talks non stop, motor mouth.. I finally learned her high school senior grandson hooked up a kindle for her on wifi and set it up with no password to connect - So instantly figured it out. He should know better but I guess he didn't want to explain maybe.. his dad travels the world selling DSLAM's. Computer literate I'm sure.

She lives in a really nice large home, waterfront on a lake, woodsy forest like rural... across street from her is a smallish very old mobile home park.. looks like old old stuff rounded aluminum Jetstream type things there, must be very low income & retirees .. She complains her expensive internet is always so slow.. hehe I'm on teamviewer.. cursing it as everything I do is so slow, even typing url's.

She has Firefox browser version 21 :) Vista, IE9 her default and her banking wont allow either to login .. google email keeps pestering her with update your browser messages so she asks me to fix that and her new laptop connection. But I cant access her access point, cant login to it.... and afraid to tell her to push the reset as she so out of touch with how computers work. So I updated her browsers.. she was happy.

Can you imagine what will happen once she figures out her AP password and I turn on some Wi-Fi security ... all her neighbors will panic.

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The trailer park probably popped up right after she got internet..LOL.. If the Wireless was setup without a password then more than likely someone has already been into its settings.. The stuff the ISP gave here is probably the PPOE password to login.. Resetting the AP should not be a problem the other issue is securing the main router.. changing the admin pass and the wireless password if that wireless is enabled. Then I would walk her through the AP.. Which should be easy because once something is setup in AP Mode it is just simple.. BUT you did say she has trouble hooking up Ethernet... or cable..

With Team Viewer you should be able to bring up a diagram of what she needs to do.. I wish you luck on this one... Wish I could help... Sounds too easy.. LOL

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