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jewel case colors


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okay i bought 100 jewel cases in a box from stamples. they stuff a 5 color of 50 on top and below was black ones. i gotten 8 boxes. (thin jewel cases) so 400 of them was black. well they are gone/used up. i got the following colors:






i use black mainly for game backup. so i was going to take the other subject items on dvds and pick colors for them to free up black jewel cases.

i got cartoon jpg, dvd movie images, movie files, anima shows/movies(japanese), adult files to test wmp codec :lol:)

of those 5 subjects which color jewel cases would you use : what colors make syou think of certain subjects?

red i was thinking adult.

any ideas would be nice. thank you.

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Red: xXx

Orange: Cartoon

Blue: Movie Files

Purple: DVD Movie Files

Green: Anime

But that's just my opinion :lol:

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