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Obviously this website ( http://ideas.live.com/ ) has been around in a while, and is only available to BETA testers, but has anyone tried logging in with their Hotmail / MSN address lately?

I've just tried mine, and I'm logged in meaning I can download any of the apps listed, most importantly Windows Live Messenger. I'm not sure if this is because I've had my MSN account for years now, or if I've signed up previously and forgotten about it but if anyones interested, check it out. You might be able to access it.

Anyway, this is from Wikipedia;


Windows Live Messenger is the next-generation MSN Messenger. It is part of Microsoft's new online service called Windows Live, and will include everything in MSN Messenger but boasts new ways to connect and share documents. Currently, the Windows Live Messenger 8 is only available to select beta testers.

A Summary of Windows Live Messenger

While Windows Live Messenger does introduce a new name and a new interface to the MSN community, it also introduces a new page of features, such as:


Unified Contacts

!600 Messenger Contacts

Word Wheel

Edit your contact’s Info

!Nicknames (Rename your contacts)

The Art of Instant Messaging

!Offline IMs

!Conversations While Appearing Offline

!Time Stamps

Messenger Face Lift


!Pick Your Color

!Toning it Down

Display Picture Functionality

Frameless Menu Entry

!Fixed Scrolling




Updating Files

Multiple Computers

Size Doesn’t Matter

With whom?

Computer-2-Phone Calling

!Cheap and easy

Crystal Quality

MCI Partnership

Windows Live Video Integration

See the latest Videos

Note: (!) Calls out the features added that were requested by MSN Messenger users.

Edit - Just noticed their link to download has been removed. Damn! :lol:

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You will need to a registered tester to actually use Windows Live messenger. You can dl it from the MS website though.

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Yea I think I won't be able to sign in and use it though if it's not available on their Live site using my email :lol:

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If anyone's after an invite, send me a PM. I had 10 but now have 3 left.

So first 3 to PM me gets an invite for it :welcome:

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