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where can i find funny .GIFS like the one in here?


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sup peeps, ive run across a couple of funny-ass lil GIFS like the one below and i just cant get enuff of them!! i was wonderin if anyone knows a place that is full of them or maybe dedicated to them? plz any info would be very appreciated. thanks in advance, heres the GIF


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Use Google Images to find some funny ones. Try words like "H4x0r" or "pwned". Add ".gif" in there as well for some animated (hopefully) images.

Anyway... couldn't post without some pics ;)


This next one is one I collected myself. Funny as hell! Contains nudity, so not posting it.








Thank you. Goodnight! ;)

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OMG i found another THAT IS AMAZING!!!! but i dunno where to upload it cuz its huge.. like 1.7 mb.... can sumone help me? u HAVE to see this one if ur an ex-WoW player

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omg, that's fuckin hilarious (actually click the thumbnail and wait, you'll see) :whistle:

...i dunno where to get em tho :blush:

Hahaha. :D

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