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Firefox using WAY too much memory


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Holy crap has anyone else been having problems with FF using too much freakin RAM?

Yeah there's a huge thread on the Mozilla forums, but it's far too formal and technical, so I figured I'd ask you guys since we're a more casual bunch and can cut through the unnecessary details and such.

So if anybody has found ways to effectively cut down on memory problems in FF, please share.

Apparently the program is just full of memory leaks, especially with downloading picture files and whatnot.

PS: by a "lot" of memory, i mean 100+ mb

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Lol yeah I get that to... ANd actually 1.5 needs to just wait to become 2.0 before the Memory Leak will be solved... At least that is what I think...

ANd all you have to do to stop it so far is just quit FireFox and restart it up again and that resets the Memory Usage.

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yeah i know i can restart Firefox, Cultivator.

but should i HAVE to? no.

i just want firefox to work fine without having to restart it =(


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Heh sorry... As of now.. There isn't any other alternative except to switch Browsers. Because there were a few 'fixes' that were made to well fix the problem but they proved to have no effect at all.

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I have swithed to Maxthon due to this iss after being a strong supporter of FireFox since v0.6.

On my system it generally uses around 60Mb RAM...

Maxthon uses around 3-5Mb RAM ..

Right now with 7 Tabs its using around 15Mb...

The max I have seen it go is around 20Mb...

The 1 thing I miss about Firefox is the adblock capability which was slightly better than Maxthons

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Take the opera challange. The most feature rich browser out of the box.

Just did it...

I have tried a lot of times...since around v5.0

But I have always come to something else....

And right now I am doing the same going back to Maxthon...

I have always liked the feel of Opera..

It looks good with just Tab Bar and Address Bar...gr8 skins as well..

Right now I m replying in Opera 9 and have 3 tabs open...

For some reason my task manager shows 35Mb

Maxthon at the max uses 20Mb when opening a page... and slowly dies down to around 5Mb...

And one thing I miss is right click on an image and click on Add to AD Hunter or block this image...

A website like softpedia gives me 4 ads on wen I open the website for the 1st time..

the same website gives me only 2 ads on maxthon...then after the 1st use I can block the other ads too, so right now it shows 0 ads...

I believe Lite u can throw some light on the addons which probably would take care of the ads and block images....which I think I tried the last time I installed Opera...which was way complicated when compared to just install plugins of firefox ...

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Now I m thinking of working on it a little more...

So I decided to look for some plugins

got to this page http://www.opera.com/docs/plugins/

but cant find anyting related to adblocking...

I wonder Y is that so...

So I was wondering Lite if u could provide a little info on that...

By the way right now opera shows 47Mb used...

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Actually just found this


and I think I can take it from here on...

OOps a double post

It is at 57Mb now :P

So what do u recommend use 8.5 or 9.0

which one r u using ?

and now it is at 46Mb... (Is it a memory leak ?)

By the way which do u recommend Python Adblocker or C++ Adblocker

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  • Administrator

No its called memory cache.... disable it and your memory usage will go down, but will slow your browsing down a bit..... what is your obsession with a few mb memory? Do you have like 128mb RAM?

Stability: 8.5

Features/Speed: 9.0

Take your pick... i use neither :P

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