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EaseUS Partition Master Professional v10.1 for PC


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Comprehensive Hard Disk and Partition Management

Need to manage your hard disk, but want something that will serve your needs now and well into the future? Well, look no further than todays discount software promotion, EaseUS Partition Master Professional!

EaseUS Partition Master Professional is a comprehensive partition solution and disk management utility for all of your drive needs. With EaseUS Partition Master Professional, youll be able to extend partitions, resolve low disk space issues, and manage disk space on both MBR and GUID partition table disks. And it goes without saying that all of your basic partition management functions are here: create, delete, resize, merge, split, wipe, and format partitions with ease! You can even clone hard drives in a single click, making it possible to upgrade to larger drives without reinstalling Windows.


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I really do not understand the point of this software.

You can create and resize in Windows 7, Vista and probably Windows 8.

So no need for this software.

I do not believe you can resize one partition and then add unused space to another.

I got this free and it's heaps better.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition v5.5.8

I was running out of space on C: (windows drive) I was down to 29 m.b.

Took 100 m.b. from my media partition E: left it as unallocated added it to C: applied, rebooted, 40 minutes later, job done.

It was flawless :)

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